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How to use the Pick a Winner Feature

For convenience – we have added a pick a winner feature that allows the admin to select a raffle – and start a drawing that randomly flips through all the tickets and when you stop, it displays a winner.  You can then add that winner to the winners table and repeat in the case of selecting multiple winners or alternates depending on the terms and rules for your raffle.

From the winners table – you can use a shortcode to display the winner’s name, order id and ticket number – all of which have been time and date stamped.   We recommend using a screen capture recording tool to record the picking of your winner for any auditing or legal requirements that might be applicable for your raffle.

To pick a winner – first click on the Raffle Announce winner and select your raffle category:


When you have selected the raffle – it will display the number of tickets with a start button:

It also gives you the option to view the previous winners and display the winners table.  Since we find that most people test this throughout the raffle, it is always a good idea to check the winners table and clear it before you start the winner selection.



Clicking “Start” will begin the random number generator and will begin to cycle through the tickets


Here you can see the tickets and entries cycling through randomly on the screen.


When you click on “Stop” the picker will continue to cycle a few more random times and then the winning ticket is displayed. Clicking Add this winner to the winner table will save the winner.

Some raffles require auditing and rules and we have seen customers where they will do 3 test runs showing the randomness and then the 4th one will be the winner and the 5th will be the alternate, etc.  How you utilize this is up to the raffle coordinator and the rules and terms.  We always recommend recording this process so there is no issues with the randomness and selection.


You can click on the winners tab to view the winners table and see the shortcode to display the winner.


In a page, you can add the shortcode for the winner display as noted:


And here is how the winner is displayed when using the shortcode: