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Virus Warning or License Disappearing

We use encryption in  wp-content/plugins/raffle-ticket-generator-edition/includes/hooks/_hooks_.php     Some servers or security plugins may report this as a false positive for a virus.  If your host or security plugin blocks this file, it must be whitelisted.

Some hosts may not even tell you and simply block it.  When that happens the menus will go blank or the plugin will disappear from the admin menu.    You need to have the file whitelisted and reinstall the plugin.

We apologize that we have to encrypt and take such measures, but unfortunately too many people expect us to support and provide this software for free so we chose to confuse and encrypt and encode the software so that we can continue to be around to support this online raffle product.

If you are simply getting a warning, you can ignore that warning. The plugin does not contain a virus if you purchased it from us.