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Updating the plugin to a newer version

Important!  NEVER perform a live update of the plugin when you have an active raffle going on without following the steps below and thorough testing with backups.

We try to take into account all the scenarios when creating a new edition, but it is nearly impossible to guess all the various combinations.  When performing an update, we recommend the following:

Raffle Plugin Checklist


  1. Setup a staging or development site.  You will need this to test before updating.
  2. Maintain full backups of the site and database during your event.
  3. On the staging site, update the plugin.
  4. If you are Gold or Platinum, go to Raffle Tools and run “Repair DB Tables” to add the new fields and tables
  5. If you are using Ticket Images, please reselect or upload the image and set the location. We have made significant changes to the Ticket Images functionality in V5 and it will be required to reconfigure your images.
  6. Check the functionality and then process several new orders.
  7. Check for duplicate tickets and any anomalies.

Note: You may need to deactivate and activate the plugin to reinitialize the database fields.

After you have thoroughly tested all aspects, then you can update the plugin on the live site.