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Timer Settings

You can enter a start and stop time to manage the timing of your raffle. If you leave the values blank, tickets can be purchased as soon as the product is available.   If you set a start time in the future, the product will display a timer counting down to the start time.  The same goes for the end time.  When the stop time is reached the product is not available to add to cart.  The timer will pull the time zone from the WordPress time zone and is set in 24 hour format.  Please see our FAQ if you have issues with WordPress time zones.


NOTE:  With the constant updating of woocommerce blocks and gutenberg in wordpress, We have seem some conflicts with our countdown timer not showing as woocommerce blocks is not processing the timer hook we use.   We are working on alternative ways to display the timer and will have a new method in the next major release.  In the meantime, if you need the timer to display, you cannot use woocommerce blocks and gutenberg.