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Successive Numbers – For a ball drop or duck race

Successive Number setting is available for those raffles that want every number to be in order and with NO MISSING NUMBERS. If a previous order is refunded, then those ticket numbers are added back to the pool and will be issued at the next complete paid order(s).

To enable this feature – simply select the Yes option.

When the successive number is enabled – many other format options are no longer available. You can set the starting ticket number, use a ticket image and if the Gold version, you are able to limit the quantity of tickets available. You cannot use a prefix, orderid or promo designation or 50/50 options with successive numbering. In the Platinum edition, User limit is not available along with random or pick a number.

As with all the settings, figure out your settings and test your raffle. Once you know the settings that are right for your situation, we suggest creating a new raffle category and starting the raffle from scratch. We do not recommend changing settings to a live raffle, it can have undesired consequences.


IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE – Due to the way that WooCommerce reserves items in the cart that orders and ticket numbers are not always in sync. For an example, look at how woocommerce order ids, are in your shopping cart – there will be dozens of missing order numbers in your list of orders. We assign the ticket numbers based on the woocommerce standard. So while all tickets numbers will be assigned without missing numbers, there may be orders that have numbers that are not all in sequence if that order has many tickets and there were incomplete orders prior to that order being completed.

For example – you may see something like this:

Note – in the above example, woocommerce orderids are not successive as many customers do not check out. Also note the ticket numbers are not in order, that is because of carts being opened and different customers taking longer to check out. Looking at orderid 134, this is an example where a customer added a single entry to the cart. Ticket #5 was held for them – then while order id 137 was checking out – orderid 134 decided to add a second entry and thus was assigned ticket #11. This behavior is perfectly normal and is expected.  Based on the WooCommerce logic – normal ticket distribution will have ticket number resulting in the total available – meaning if you want 25,000 tickets – and set starting ticket number to be 1 – the final ticket numbers might be 25,409 for example as there are missing numbers in the lot due to refunded or incomplete orders.  With successive numbers – your final ticket number would be 25,000 if all tickets are sold.

NOTE – If you begin a raffle and want to change the starting number to another number, our plugin will only ACCEPT a higher number. You CANNOT go to a lower number. This is important for those situations where you have printed tickets or pre-numbered balls and are allocating online vs in person sales. If you start at out 1001 for starting number and decide later you want to now sell 800-999 you cannot change to a lower number. This is coded to avoid possible duplicate tickets. You need to think through your raffle strategy if using max number of tickets and starting numbers.