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Running Multiple or Recurring Raffles

Our plugin allows for multiple raffles.  There are a few caveats to consider if you are running multiple raffles.

  • Our plugin gets the info on a per category and per product basis via woo-commerce.   This is important to note if you “reuse” woo categories.  When setting up a raffle all the data is tied to that category id and tickets generated are tied to the products id.  So if you run a raffle and then a later on, run a second raffle with using the same category and products, those tickets and past history are associated with the new raffle.  Even if you remove the tickets from the previous raffle, if an “old” order is “touched” in a way that tickets will be generated, like order status or re-sending, then old tickets can be put into the tickets table as woo commerce is telling our plugin that the order is paid again and the tickets are not in the db.

The simple way is to make a new category in woo and new products.  This works for 99% or more of our customer as it is a once a year event.  But for those who run weekly or monthly fundraisers, it might not be the correct way.

There are a few ways to handle reusing of categories.  ALWAYS Follow best practices and backup your site and database before changing settings or performing changes to the database.

1. Clear the customers_to_tickets table for that category in the db.  For Gold and Platinum editions, you can do this per category via Raffle Tools.

2. If you can, export the woo-commerce order data in case you need order history, and then delete the orders for that category.  If it is not practical to delete old order, then just be aware that if you change the order status on an old order to check to see that tickets were not added from that order to the current raffle.  If they are added, then you need to remove those tickets from the database manually.

3. Change the settings for the category and products and set your raffle settings.