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Random Tickets

The platinum edition now has the ability to generate the tickets in a random order.

To use this setting, select the tab for the raffle you want to have random numbers applied.

Input a starting ticket number and select random.

You then need to scroll down and set limit the numbers of tickets to be generated for this raffle.

Random numbers will work with Orderid and Prefix designations.

***Note the more tickets you allocate for the allowed number of tickets, the more server load this can have.  Our testing shows that a normal site can handle about 8000 tickets.  We have optimized sites handling 50,000 random tickets.  There are many factors which affect server load.  Page builders and heavy reliance on plugins can affect the server load.  If you need more tickets, it is up to you to make sure your server can handle the load and that your site is optimized.  If you rely on stock themes and page builders and use plugins to accomplish typical WP and WooCommerce tasks, you will need to retain the skill of an experienced web developer.  We strongly suggest you implement complete testing on this feature before rolling it out to a live raffle.


Once you sell a single ticket with random for that raffle category, you cannot change settings.  It will regenerate the random table and you can get duplicates.  Do all of your testing and configuration and then create a new category.

If you need to edit the dates of the raffle AFTER you have sold tickets, then you edit the db – rafflepro_tickets_setting table column raffle_dates_from = “starting date” raffle_dates_to = “ending date”.    The time is in 24 hour format like 23:15 or 20:30