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Raffle Ticket Import – Gold/Platinum

For those who sell physical tickets offline and want to import those ticket values into the Raffle Ticket Generator to help with future marketing and or to include in the online drawing capabilities, we have added an import ticket feature. To access the Raffle Import – simply select that page from the Raffle Tools Menu.

To make it easy – we provide a sample csv file that is in the proper format – simply click the Download Sample Csv icon to save a sample csv.  DO NOT CHANGE THE HEADER ROW!

The Sample CSV will look like this:

The fields are pretty self explanatory – but we will explain a few of them.  ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED EXCEPT the Customer Address.

Ticket Prefix – prefix used in your raffle ( example Fall19, Rotary etc )

Customer Name – customer first and last name

Customer Address – customer address – This can be the street address, city, state, zip. Or you can simply put in the street address. All “orders” are created as a guest so the address is not extremely relevant.

Customer Email – customer email

Customer Phone – customer phone number

Product ID – your WooCommerce raffle product ID, hover product to see ID ( example 50 Tickets product has ID 197)

Ticket Numbers – The ticket numbers you want to assign to this entry. This field is ONLY NUMERIC. There are 2 options for this field.

Single Ticket or Multiple. To enter a single ticket, simply put in the numerical value – such as 100

To Enter multiple tickets – use _to_ seperator – For example – to enter tickets 1001,1002, 1003, 1004, 1005 you till enter 1001_to_1005 in the Ticket Numbers Field.

Category ID – Category ID where raffle product is. This is also the category with your raffle settings. This is a little harder to find – you need to click to edit the category and find the ID in the url. WooCommerce has a good article on how to find the category ID: