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Pick your prize – Gold and Platinum

Gold and Platinum editions have an option at the product level for the entrant to select which prize they would like for the raffle ticket purchase.  It is a simple format and you can have a comment box to display a field.  This displayed on the product page only.






UPDATE:  Based on the questions and support we receive, we feel this needs more explanation.  This feature was added for a customer who does fundraisers during live events and concerts.  You could enter a raffle and if you win, the performer would sing a song for you, live at the event on stage.  For example, the winner could dedicate a song to someone, or choose Happy Anniversary or choose Happy Birthday.  The persons name would be in the comment field.  So when they drew the winner, they could pass a note to the performer and if the winner choose Happy Birthday to Fred Flintstone, they would say, something about thanks for entering the raffle, the proceeds benefit xxx foundation which feeds hungry children and I understand it is Fred Flintstones, birthday and so lets bring Fred up and wish him a Happy Birthday.

That was the original purpose, The other option is for the entrant to be able to select which color if they win.  That is not used very often as most of these raffles will then communicate with the winner and discuss which version of the prize they want.

To setup the pick your prize option – you simple need to add the fields in comma delimited format and they will show up on the product page.  If left blank, then nothing will appear.