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Manual Orders

While this is basic WooCommerce functionality, we get a lot of support tickets asking how to do a manual order.

From the WooCommerce dashboard in wp-admin, click on the Orders menu item.  At the top is ADD ORDER:

This will open a new order screen.  Click the pencil (edit) next to the customer and put in the info.  An email is required as the receipt will be emailed to the customer.  If they do not have an email, then send yourself the email, but WooCommerce requires an email, it is not our plugin that requires the email.

Below the heading block is the product section for the order.  Add the tickets by clicking add item or add product – the screen varies once you click on it.

The manual order defaults to pending payment, you need to set the order status to processing and then update.

When the order updates, it will display the tickets assigned in the order details box.