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Limit number of tickets by customer

In some jurisdictions there is a requirement to limit the number of tickets or amount a user can spend on a raffle.  To handle this requirement we have added the ability to limit the number of tickets per user.  If you have to deal with an amount limitation, you will need to calculate the total number of tickets that would meet that amount.  We only support the option to limit the number of tickets per user.    NOTE:  When using this feature, you must disable GUEST Checkout from within WooCommerce settings.  This feature is also not compatible with Successive Numbers, if you select Successive Numbers, this option will no longer appear in the config settings.

Before we cover the settings, we want to say that this feature falls under our disclaimer that you should be an EXPERIENCED ecommerce/WooCommerce developer.  If you are new to these settings, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to TEST TEST TEST the settings and how checkout works.    We cannot stress this enough.  90% of our support requests are because the user DID NOT TEST prior to putting the website live.


Limit Customer Purchase – Configuration: #

Step 1.  In WooCommerce under Settings, Accounts and Privacy disable GUEST checkout options.


Step 2.  In the Raffle Settings page for your raffle category.  Check the Do you want to limit tickets per user selection.  Then put in the number of tickets.  This value is a whole number and is the MAXIMUM number of tickets a registered user can purchase.

When done, click save at the bottom of the page.