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Limit Number of Tickets Available – Gold/Platinum

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The Gold and Platinum versions have the ability to control the total number of tickets available for each raffle. Because we have the ability to do tiered ticket packages, unless you only have 1 raffle ticket option, you cannot simply control the inventory in WooCommerce. The Limit the Number of Tickets Sold option controls the inventory of available tickets at the product category level for a raffle.

Simply put in the number of total tickets you want to make available. If you do not care how many tickets are sold, then leave this marked as no.


When Limit Ticket number is enabled, the number of available tickets are displayed on the product page:

This display is configurable in the Display Settings menu.


Troubleshooting: #

So it goes without saying that this feature requires that the woo inventory function is turned on.  In woo settings and products, make sure that you have enable stock management set to yes so that our plugin can work with woo.