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Email Text Blocks

The Platinum edition has the ability to insert html text blocks in the order confirmation page and confirmation emails.  We support 2 blocks – 1 immediately prior to the ticket heading and ticket numbers or images and 1 immediately after.  This is useful for those jurisdictions that require specific info to be displayed along with the raffle tickets such as a permit number, drawing date, link to the rules, etc.    It supports basic html.  We recommend you test with your settings prior to releasing on the live raffle.  Here is an example of where these 2 text blocks are displayed once they are configured.


To access the configuration for these blocks, simply open the Raffle Ticket Generator settings page and select your raffle category.   Scroll about halfway down and check the appropriate box in the Text to show in order confirmation email section.  We have provided an example using basic html for formatting.  You can set inline font and color along with paragraph and bold settings.