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Bronze – View and export tickets

The Bronze versions allows you to view and export the ticket numbers you have generated.   Because this is designed to be a simple raffle ticket generator for a single raffle,  each product has a separate section.   To access the Ticket Information – simply select the View Customers Ticket Numbers on the dashboard sidebar from your WordPress admin panel.

Each Product will display a summary of tickets sold and the ability to export the ticket info to a csv.  If you have raffle packages, such as 1 ticket for $10 and 3 for $25 etc., you will download a csv file for each package and can combine them.


A note about picking a winner: #

The Bronze version does not select the winner.  That option is available in our Silver and Gold versions.  What can be done, is to export the tickets to a csv and combine all the csv’s into a single file.  You will end up with xx rows and each row is numbered.  Sites like offer the ability to create a random number selection.  Say you have 329 tickets – your CSV will have 329 rows of tickets.  Put in the start and stop number of 1 and 329 and let select your winner.  You can use a screen video recorder to document the drawing as required.