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Order Processing Cron – Basic Instructions

Unfortunately there are a few payment gateways that do not follow the WooCommerce standards and do not send the proper hooks regarding order status.  Our Raffle Ticket Generator relies on the WooCommerce paid hook, which is the processing status, to know that an order is PAID, and thus will generate tickets.  95% of the payment gateways follow this Standard.  A few, like Paypal and Paytriot do not.  We created the Raffle Ticket Cron add-on to handle this.  It is very simple.  It must be installed AFTER our Raffle Ticket Generator plugin is installed and activated.   There is only one setting for the time interval that it will run.  The default is 5 minutes.  Unless you have some specific reason to run it more, we suggest you leave it at 5 min.  The more orders you have the higher the server load as it will check all orders in the database and compare against the order status in the database and the tickets in tickets database.    If an order is found that shows an order status that mean it is paid, such as processing and completed, AND the order did not generate tickets, then tickets are generated for that order and the order email should be sent out automatically.


1. The first time this runs, it will check all orders.  It will mark as completed to flag the orders as being processed.  If you have a bunch of existing orders, those users will get order completed emails, just like if you go in and clean up processing orders to completed.

2. This is optimized as much as we can make it.  It can consume server resources as orders and tickets get large as we are pulling from a few different places an comparing data.  If you have thousands of orders, you should minimize the time it runs if you see the server load spiking.  We understand this can be an issue, and that is why we have worked hard to try and get payment gateways to follow the WooCommerce Standard.

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