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A little about WooCommerce

The Raffle Ticket Generator is a plugin that is an add on to WooCommerce. We assume that the purchaser has experience with Web Design and WooCommerce. While it is possible to simply click install WordPress from your cpanel and add a theme and build a simple site. There are major differences in building an awesome functioning eCommerce site.  If you are not a developer, we encourage you to hire one.  We cannot provide free WooCommerce support.

We have a few notices that you need to be familiar with WooCommerce and eCommerce shops if you are using our plugins on our website prior to purchase. Regardless, we cannot provide support for WooCommerce outside of supporting our plugin. If you need support for that – please feel free to contact The Web Design Ninja and they can offer you any custom web development or support for an hourly or project-based fee.

That said. Here are some link to WooCommerce Documentation for functionality that we get asked about all the time.

How do you change the currency in WooCommerce so that people can purchase raffle or lottery tickets in another currency?

How do you enter raffle ticket orders manually like you are at an event? You can enter manual orders in Woocommerce via the WordPress/WooCommerce admin dash board section – here is a link to the instructions – see item #3 in the docs.

There are also some good paid plugins for doing phone orders if you are going to be doing a bunch of orders –
Just make sure that you read our documentation about how a raffle ticket is generated to make sure you are setting the proper order status so that WooCommerce tells us the order is paid and we generate the tickets.