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50-50 Raffles – Gold/Platinum

The Raffle Ticket Generator Gold Version has the ability to run 50-50 or “Split the Pot” style raffles.


If you want to do a 50-50 style raffle, you have a few options.

  1. You can choose to display the amount of the pot or potential winnings on the product page.
  2. You can set the wording of the winning amount
  3. You can decide to display the breakdown such as 50-50 split, or a 60-40 split, etc.
  4. Because some charities will deduct the cost of credit card processing, etc. from the total pot – there is the option of deducting a percentage.

Depending on what you choose, the following will display on the product page.

Our advice is to play around with the various settings and see what you like best. Many people will also turn off the display until a certain amount has been raised, and then turn it on. A word of caution. Turning the 50-50 option on is not an issue after a raffle has begun, but changing the ticket formats and numbers can have adverse effects on a life raffle. Be very careful adjusting a live raffle.