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Raffle Ticket Generator Packages

The Raffle Ticket Generator plugin is designed for WordPress and WooCommerce. There are thousands of active raffles using this software and we have a variety of product options depending on your needs. Our plugins have many different options and they are and add on to WooCommerce. The plugin is designed to be used by a web developer who has experience in setting up WooCommerce. We provide excellent support for our plugin but we are unable to offer support for your WooCommerce implementation or for your theme conflicts. If you want us to install and configure your plugin with the settings you want along with the corresponding WooCommerce product configuration we offer an installation option.   Here is a summary of the feature set of each edition.  Please review our documentation for detailed explanation of each feature or contact us if you have a specific requirement and wonder which edition is best for you.

Our plugin is licensed forever and is supported for the version of WordPress and WooCommerce it was released for.  Support and updates are for the term you purchase.  Updates are available at discounted prices for future versions.

We are happy to offer Charities and Non-Profits a discount when purchasing our software. Please use the coupon code NONPROFIT when checking out for a discount for our Silver and Gold Editions. Use of this code is per our Terms and Conditions. We may ask for documentation that you are a Non-profit or Charity.
Our plugins are designed for use with implementations of WordPress. issues are not supported. They use a restricted version of wordpress and many functions are restricted on their hosting such as email which is a requirement of our plugin since it emails tickets.
For Platinum Editions – please contact us and we will email back a coupon code.


Simple, generates up to 500 sequential tickets*

Free Edition


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  • Works with WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Raffle Ticket Numbers emailed to customer
  • 500 unique Ticket Numbers assigned
  • Export tickets to CSV


Full featured plugin suited for most needs



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  • Works with WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Run Multiple Raffles
  • Raffle Tickets Emailed to Customers
  • Unlimited unique Ticket Numbers
  • Various Ticket Number Formats
  • Ticket Images for Email and Order Confirmation
  • Customer Name, Phone on Ticket Images
  • Export tickets to CSV
  • WPML Compatible
  • Add Manual Orders from wp-admin
  • Resend Ticket Numbers to Customers
  • Multiple Winner Drawing Options
  • Select random winners from admin
  • Live Drawing Feature for front end display
  • Send Winner announcement in email


Silver, plus ticket inventory, custom ticket images and 50-50



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All Silver Functions Plus

  • Custom Ticket Images
  • Add Email to Ticket Images
  • 50-50 Raffle Options
  • Successive Numbers for Ball Drop or Duck Race Events
  • End Raffle Based on Total Sales ($ or Tickets)
  • Ticket Inventory Management
  • Raffle Tools – Backup, Archive, etc.
  • Check for Duplicate Entries
  • Various Raffle Shortcodes
  • Basic Display Settings


Gold plus PrePurchase Quiz and Large Format Images



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All Gold Functions Plus

  • Additional Raffle and Winner Shortcodes
  • Random Number Distribution
  • Pick Your Number Option
  • Leading Zeros (0001, 0002, etc)
  • Limit purchase per user
  • PrePurchase quiz
  • Custom large format tickets(1200×400)
  • Custom Email Text
  • Reserve Ticket Numbers
  • Subscription auto entries
  • Gift Tickets (per order)

About Raffle Ticket Generator

Our passion is helping small businesses succeed online. Of course, part of that is helping charities grow their donations. Our Raffle Ticket Generator emerged from our experience in helping hundreds of businesses increase sales and we incorporated that philosophy into added features that are known to increase donations.

We are not the typical plugin company. We are a custom web development firm who have been building custom websites and applications for 22 years. We are now releasing our custom software as configurable plugins.


We have several examples and videos to help you use the plugin. Additionally, the Silver and Gold versions include our awesome support!


The ticket numbers can be customized for your needs. When hosting multiple raffles, each raffle can have an identifying set of tickets. You can even upload a custom ticket image in the gold version.


Top notch support! The Silver and Gold versions let you host multiple raffles and customize the ticket number format and include unlimited raffle tickets.